We all have a duty to cut carbon emissions, but issues like the materials shortage threaten to return us to square one, tempting some to save on cost through environmentally unfriendly alternatives. As tough as the market is now, it will be future generations paying the price if we cut corners.  

Join our webinar to learn how you can hold yourself accountable for futureproofing better and more sustainable infrastructure.  

Ahead of launching our energy and infrastructure market report, this webinar will review our findings on global industry challenges for meeting our COP26 commitments, from investments to materials and labour. 

Key takeaways:  

The panel will feature our expert perspectives across rail and energy on infrastructure solutions that: 

  • build sustainable communities
  • support social-economic recovery
  • respond to the climate crisis and meet COP26 commitments
  • enable better delivery through digital and data solutions  

Our speakers and panellists:



We hope to see you there!



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