As we navigate uncharted waters, like all other countries affected, the real estate industry in the UK faces the immediate need to address the impact to those projects which were on site when COVID-19 reached us.

Amidst challenging times, we are working hard with our clients and supply chain behind the scenes to prepare for the time when development re-emerges and thrives.

Pre-design or design stage work, procurement and contracts matters are just some of the many activities that can continue virtually, helping to reduce risk and position each project for a positive return to the market.

Working in a Cold Climate provides guidance through the situation we are facing, advising on key factors which could support each stage of a project, from addressing shutdowns to risk mitigation and legal considerations.

Whilst the current events are unprecedented and are causing a significant shock to the economy, Gleeds is using its global knowledge, network and over 135 years of experience in dealing with the effects of COVID-19 on construction projects, as well as being fully operational to continue to support our clients.

Our teams across the UK are poised to support you during this challenging period, and we hope you find Working in a Cold Climate a helpful touchpoint.

James Garner

James Garner
Senior Director - Global Head of Data and Intelligence