Driving international collaboration in China’s construction sector

Gleeds has supported the British Chamber of Commerce in China (BCCC) to profile the growing opportunities for international business in China’s construction sector, through a week-long visit to the UK. The BCCC launched to the UK market its inaugural position paper on behalf of all BCCC members at an event held at the ACCA earlier in the week.

The paper provides an independent voice for British organisations in China, helping to inform and guide key stakeholders on approaching business. During the visit, the BCCC delegation met with politicians, policy makers and professional organisations in the UK, as well as the Chinese embassy and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The BCCC Position Paper 2019 covers ten sectors that represent the majority its 850-member companies, aligning with some of the major growth areas in China, including the built environment. Highlighting the access issues for international construction businesses, the paper provides recommendations on how to address those challenges and identifies mutual opportunities for international companies to work with China.

Ray Chisnall, Director, Gleeds in China, said: “China is the second largest construction market in the world and there are excellent opportunities for international firms to share their leadership skills in specialist sectors as well as expertise in high-tech areas such as BIM.

“The BCCC Position Paper addresses current market considerations around international firms obtaining licenses to invest in, design and construct buildings. What we are requesting of the Chinese government is to look at how to open up licenses for international firms to support the local construction market. As a result of our initial discussions, the Department for International Trade has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to increase UK-China collaboration in the construction sector with China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. This move paves the way for a sustainable, transparent business environment and significant new opportunities for Gleeds clients around the world to join this rapidly evolving market.”

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Ray Chisnall

Ray Chisnall
Regional Director, Asia Pacific