This webinar is the first of a series that aims to give you an insight and analysis of the UK market, which is going through momentous change at the moment.

Our Insights and Analytics team have been gathering valuable data and capturing views from across the industry through our market surveys to understand and respond to the current challenges and opportunities that the industry faces.

The webinar covered all things from the highs and lows for the industry, the collision of Brexit and COVID-19 to 2021 forecasts.

If you would like to know more on regional analysis, inflation forecasts and sector insights, you can download the full market report.

Speakers and panellists:

James Garner - Senior Director, Insights & Analytics, Gleeds

Nicola Herring - Executive Surveyor, Insights & Analytics, Gleeds

Julian Barlow - External Moderator, BFC Marcomms Ltd (chair)

Dave Corbin - Head of UK Programme & Project Management, Gleeds

Sara Boonham - Head of UK Cost Management, Gleeds

We were unable to answer all of your questions during the webinar. Please view our follow up Q&A

James Garner

James Garner
Senior Director - Global Head of Data and Intelligence

Nicola Sharkey

Nicola Sharkey
Project Director, UK Insights and Research Lead