Tadeusz Jachowicz, who has been the Proxy and Gleeds Polska Director so far, has been appointed to perform a new function – Gleeds Polska Board Member. Simultaneously he will continue his activities of CEE Region business development, focusing on his key role of CEE Regional Director of Gleeds Europe, Middle East and Africa Region.

Jacek Kostrzewski, who has been Director of Gleeds Polska Central Region so far, is promoted to the role of Gleeds Polska Director, and its Proxy. Therefore, he will be responsible for shaping the company’s strategy, business management and further development of Gleeds in Poland, in the scope of current and new services in sectors.

Andrzej Kozak, who has been Director of Gleeds Polska Southern Region so far, is assigned to fulfill a position of Gleeds Polska Deputy Director. He will support Jacek in company’s development, ongoing supervision over commissioned projects and business administration.

Commenting on the above Tadeusz said “It was Jacek Kostrzewski and Andrzej Kozak who has co-created with me a present success of Gleeds Polska. During the career in Gleeds we have efficiently cooperated over decisions and strategic activities, what makes me genuinely believe that these organisational changes, quite natural at this stage of our business growth, will be beneficial, both for our clients and employees, affecting further development in a good way. Moreover, I am sure that my intensified activities within Gleeds European structures will enable us to continuously strengthen our brand position on the international consultancy services market.”

Responding to the nomination, Jacek commented: “I treat this promotion to the position of Director managing one of the biggest Gleeds business unit in European Union as appreciation of my previous activities and loyalty. Moreover I see it as a challenge, even more demanding, considering this current pandemic situation. I am deeply convinced that with usage of my knowledge of local real estate and construction market, company’s business and our team, Gleeds Polska under my management will be constantly developing and the evolutionary implemented changes will be advantageous for our clients, staff and business partners.”

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