Simultaneously  we  have  implemented  all  preventive  actions  recommended  by  the  Polish  Ministry  of  Health
regarding the SARS COV-2 virus, along with internal procedures aimed to reduce the risk of virus infection.
Keeping the health of our employees, Clients and employees of cooperating companies as a priority, we call for minimisation
of face-to-face meetings. Apart from cases requiring personal participation, Gleeds Polska team will continue to provide its
services  remotely  (home  office).  All  coordination  meetings  will  be  conducted  on-line,  and  in  the  event  of  any  technical
problems  in  communication  via  Internet,  Gleeds’  IT  Department  will  provide  the  necessary  support  to  facilitate
teleconferencing connections.
In addition, due to suspicions published by the WHO that the virus can migrate on surfaces and, as a result, spread through
objects,  we  suspend  distribution  of  printed  versions  of  documents  until  the  epidemiological  threat  expires. 
All documents will be saved in an electronic version in a location agreed with our Clients (within the servers - owned by our
Clients or Gleeds Polska, or documents sharing platforms). Once the prevention period is over, we anticipate completing
paper documentation to the extent agreed individually with our Clients.
At the same time, we believe that in the current, unique and difficult situation for all of us, we can count on mutual kindness
and flexibility. In cases of sudden absence caused by deterioration of health or family situation, we will appoint substitutes
for our specialists to ensure continuity of service. Due to this fact, appropriate procedures have been introduced in Gleeds,
ensuring each employee a competent replacement.
In potential unforeseen crisis situations, we believe that good communication and mutual understanding will allow us to work
out common, effective solutions.
In any case, I am at your disposal by e-mail ( or by phone +48 601 246 001.
We hope that the above will meet your understanding.
Yours sincerely, 
On behalf of Gleeds Polska
Tadeusz Jachowicz 
Director of Gleeds Polska Regional Director of CEE, Gleeds Europe Holding