As detailed in our previous issue of Utilities Market Update the statutory utility providers are only carrying out works to critical services or to essential projects (hospitals, care homes etc.). They have paused all non-essential and non-safety critical work.

This includes:

  • electricity meter relocations
  • installing smaller new connections to the electricity network
  • work at non-critical construction sites. (Diversions and New Supplies)

Low Carbon Generation

For April 2020, coal has accounted for just 0.7 per cent of electricity generation in Great Britain compared to more than 57 per cent from low-carbon sources. Nuclear accounted for 21 per cent of generation, with onshore wind 10 per cent, offshore wind 8.7 per cent and solar 8.6 per cent. National Grid continues to manage the lower power demand that the UK mainland is experiencing due to Covid-19, by using faster response flexible generation and switching the network configuration to adjust the volt rise.

Heat and Biomethane Gas

On 28th April the Government announced that the non-domestic RHI scheme would close for new applicants from April 2021. As promised in the Budget, however, the RHI for households and organisations has been extended to March 2022.

The Government is proposing a Clean Heat Grant that would commence in 2022, offering funding support of up to £4,000 for each household or business that integrates heating technologies such as heat pumps. The grant for both businesses and households for schemes up to 45kW is detailed in a consultation on future support for low carbon heat.

The Government is also proposing a new Green Gas Support Scheme to increase the percentage of biomethane available on the gas grid. However, the Government is no longer considering banning biomass boilers in urban areas from securing financial grants.

Heathrow Airport has already agreed with their energy operator to change from natural gas to Biomethane. UKPN has launched its vision on heat strategy on their approach to meet government targets and on how to decarbonise the distribution network through innovations.

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