Bonjorno Coffee

A cutting-edge manufacturing facility for one of Egypt's leading coffee brands

How do you increase production capacity without disrupting on-going operations at one of Egypt’s biggest coffee manufacturing sites? That’s the challenge we faced when asked to project manage the installation of a brand new manufacturing facility in Cairo.

With the end goal to develop an entirely new facility, our industrial and manufacturing experts were involved from the outset, capturing the client’s aspirations to refine cost plans and develop procurement strategies for the duration of the project lifecycle. We also helped the client appoint a local design team, making sure they had the necessary experience and capability.

Using our global resource to best effect

During the design phase of the project, the client’s original requirements changed, significantly increasing the scope to include investment in state-of-the-art equipment sourced in Western Europe.

We used our technical expertise and global outreach to manage this process, providing valuable guidance and coordination between the design team and the process manufacturer in Germany.

Expansion without disruption

One of the biggest challenges facing our project team was maintaining works throughout the year without affecting the factories ongoing operations, especially during peak times during the winter season.

Our team compiled a thorough list of expansion options, identifying and confining the best available for the client so they could make an informed decision. We worked closely with the design team to yield a concept that incorporated the focal elements of the factory, whilst including space for future expansion.

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Muir Smith

Muir Smith
Regional Director, Egypt