DOCKS Business Park – Administrative Building V01

Helping the building of Docks Business Park raise above Prague’s floods.

Gleeds helped deliver Docks Business Park V01 administrative building, as part of a unique commercial and residential development on the banks of the river Vltava.

Our technical supervision and project and programme control enabled work to keep moving, even when the river burst its banks in June 2013 - the worst flooding the city had seen since 2002.

The building’s main features are:

  • A power-saving, 8-storey office building (9,000mof high-end office space)
  • “Remote reading” allowing each tenant to measure energy consumption
  • 2-storey underground car park providing 87 parking spaces

Fluid situation

Dock V01 was delivered in 15 months, despite the chaos flooding brought to the city and its river banks. Gleeds helped by:

  • Conducting bi-weekly on-site technical inspections with technical reporting
  • Adhering to local, technical and ecological regulations
  • Timely putting into action any recommendations out of the above regulations and inspections



above the highest water levels recorded in 2013. That's how much taller Prague has designed its new flood defences.

An administrative building within an award-winning green quarter

The 8-floor building offers highly adaptable office space and benefits from its excellent placement within a mixed use complex (120,000m2)combining:

  • 40,000mresidential space; a trendy neighbourhood of premium apartments and riverside houses, and
  • 80,000mof commercial use including shops, restaurants, cafes and other office space.

The development has been awarded LEED® Gold Certification, as well as picking up the Best of Realty Award in 2012. 

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Josef Smitka

Josef Smitka
Senior Project Manager