An industrial landmark in China

Gleeds was appointed to project manage one of the biggest Goodman schemes in China. A 520 million RMB project involving the construction of a 2-storey warehouse on the outskirts of Shanghai, conveniently situated near Pudong International Airport. 

This 196,470 m² project has now become a landmark not only for Goodman, but also for other companies looking to build warehouses in China. The project set new standards of efficiency and planning, so much so that visiting it is now essential for all Goodman employees working on industrial developments.

A great planning effort

The project was planned and delivered in 3 phases, with the final stage the most challenging. Phase 3 began in June 2014 and involved building over an area measuring 96,470 m² in only 16 months.

The Gleeds team tackled this challenge by working closely with the client, designer and contractor to set up a comprehensive master schedule, establishing specific milestone dates and associated actions from the outset.

Proactive project management was key to project success.  Completing risk assessments in advance of construction meant we could respond adeptly to possible challenges. We prepared a rolling 3-week schedule for daily works activities to oversee project progress, and teamed this with an early warning system that allowed us to identify and solve any potential problems at very early stages.

Meticulous work

The client asked for the levelling of the floor to be +3mm/3m, which is higher than Chinese GB code and therefore demanded sophisticated methodology. We decided to use a laser levelling machine for concrete casting and took samples of every area to set the standards for the concrete slump, ratio of cement, and water. We also carried out real-time floor level checks during the pouring - a detailed job which really paid off.

Achieving the best results

This is the first Goodman project to achieve the Quality Award from Shanghai - completed on time, with a smooth client handover, and a variation order of less than 1% of the contract sum.

Thanks to this impeccable job, the client appointed us to work on another 4 projects which are now under construction simultaneously.


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Michael Yang
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