LG Arena

Refurbishing Birmingham’s world famous arena

When opened in 1980, the LG Arena was the largest multi-purpose arena in the UK, playing host to the world's best comedians, sportspeople and singers. 30 years on and the decision was made to revamp the venue bringing it up to date with 21st century requirements, transforming the arena into one of the premiere entertainment venues in Europe.

In 2007, the NEC Group appointed Gleeds as cost manager to refurbish, extend and provide new leisure facilities at the world famous arena.

A grand vision for the future of entertainment

The £29m project, covering 22,00m2 of floor space incorporated a refurbishment of the main arena, increasing the capacity to more than 15,000. Other new facilities included:

  • Greeting hall
  • Various food courts
  • Hospitality area
  • Merchandising zones
  • VIP lounges
  • Bars
  • Recreational facilities

Designed for speed and efficiency

In the world of live entertainment, time is money. As a result the construction timescale was exceptionally tight. We recommended the use of revolutionary sandwich plate system (SPS) decking for the tiered seating as it is faster to install, as well as more durable than conventional stiffened steel or reinforced concrete.

The client insisted on several changes during the construction phase, but thanks to our close links and open discussions with the contractor, we enabled any impact on cost and timescales to be fully understood and mitigated. Through our proactive cost management services, the revamped LG Arena was unveiled within time and budget estimations, satisfying all of the client’s aspirations.

Did you know?

The LG Arena officially reopened in 2009, hosting its first concert with Tom Jones. In 2011, the arena became the 10th busiest arena in the world. 


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