Parkside Plaza

How do you renovate a shopping mall when buying extra time is out of the question?

8 months for demolition, structural modifications and system upgrades, including quality, health and safety and permit management. And to a budget that’s just as tight. 

What approach did Gleeds take to project manage this challenging £10 M retrofit? 

The Parkside Plaza at Changfeng

Grosvenor wanted to modify an existing, newly-built-but-unopened retail mall. At 7 levels high and covering 126,000m², the mall was to feature brands such as H&M, Uniqlo and Tesco, and facilities such as a state-of-the-art theatre, several restaurants,a cinema with parking facilities and direct links to the metro. 

The shopping list 

Aims for the project were to:

  • expand the leasable area
  • improve the people flow
  • fix issues from the previous build
  • renovate the mall’s public areas within 8 months

Gleeds was appointed as the Project Manager to lead a mixed team of architects, MEP designers, local designers and contractors to ensure the project met exacting standards, within a tough and complex permit environment.



acquisition for the Grosvenor Vega – China Retail Fund; a joint venture by Grosvenor Fund Management and Vega Wharlock Properties.


Best value 

We overcame these challenges through careful planning and a hands-on approach to our project management. Evaluating all options against cost, time and permit conditions to determine the best solutions. 

We proposed cost-effective solutions for Grosvenor through a process of value engineering, working closely with the design team to deliver them. 

Meeting a tight deadline for opening, we succeeded in maximising leasable area in the minimum time and with minimum investment.


Project Management





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