Sofitel Arc de Triomphe, Paris

We helped guests in all 124 rooms get an upgrade.

Gleeds’ expertise played a key role when it came to renovating Sofitel’s flagship Arc de Triomphe hotel, just a stone’s throw from the monument with the same name.  

We managed the costs associated with all the necessary changes that took place. A four-star hotel was transformed into a sophisticated, elegant building, worthy of its new five-star classification. 

A triumph of cost management

Keeping this 124-room hotel partially open and its guests happy during renovation raised challenges in a luxury renovation covering more than 8,000m2. Other challenges included:

  • Legislation relating to disabled regulations and to the classification upgrade
  • Works planning that went from 12 to 20 months, implying increased costs
  • Finding asbestos and even a whole new floor level during demolition

Looking after the budget as well as the guests

We’re proud to say that, despite the increased planning time, the discovery of asbestos in a duct buried deep within the hotel and legislation changes, we still managed to respect our client’s original budget. Other achievements included:

  • Conducting work in 15 phases in an occupied site involving all hotel areas
  • Anticipating and estimating additional cost of asbestos and legislation changes
  • Successfully analysing a claim from the contractor on behalf of our client
  • Creating our own financial tools



The restaurant was redesigned as a tribute to Andree Putman, the hotel’s designer, who sadly died just before opening.