The Combined Colleges Boathouse

Reconstructing a modern facility

The three Cambridge Colleges and the Leys School have shared a boathouse for a number of years but their previous building was outdated and lacked the facilities for a rowing club in the 21st Century. The consortium appointed Gleeds to provide cost management and health and safety services for the construction of a new 1,500mboathouse on the River Cam.

Works involved the demolition of the existing single-storey facility, to make room for a modern, two-storey boathouse to be shared by four rowing clubs. The planning stage of this project presented some unique challenges as the prerequisites of the Leys School were different to the colleges, and these requirements had to be accommodated in the design.

Rowing in Cambridge

Rowing is one of the most popular sports in Cambridge, and so the construction of a new boathouse was essential to improve opportunities for the respective rowing clubs. The new facility, constructed on a restricted riverside location, consists of:

  • A feature-piece timber structure
  • Clubroom
  • Changing rooms
  • Fitness and kitchen facilities
  • Boatman’s office

Did you know?

Many students take up rowing for the first time at University, and this facility will encourage growth in the participation rate of novice rowers.

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