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Infrastructure Services

There’s huge pressure to deliver infrastructure on time and budget, thanks to challenges in scale, funding, cost and risk control, safety, and sustainability. That’s where we come in: we relieve pressure, using our global experience and independent support to guide you through the project lifecycle. 

But we don’t just finish a project and move on; we create a legacy of skills and knowledge for local teams to continue delivering excellent projects benefitting generations to come.

We operate globally within transport, energy, and utilities. If you need help delivering an infrastructure project, please contact us. 

Infrastructure construction: where it all starts 

To deliver spaces people want to live, work, learn, and play in – from homes and offices to schools, hospitals, and places of leisure – institutions must fully realise the benefits of utilities, transport, and energy infrastructure.

Whether it’s a small or large infrastructure project, we bring local knowledge and global perspective to identify and manage your risks, costs, and procurement methods. Having been on both sides of the contractor and client aisle, we’re well placed to define your objectives and develop your solution, challenging assumptions where necessary.

Defining the benefits of infrastructure in a changing world

Infrastructure should benefit society. Whether it’s a country, city, or master plan, we always consider how infrastructure benefits our environment while balancing cost and value. 

But plans change on multi-year infrastructure works, which introduces risk. Our deep knowledge of the sector, what drives and disturbs it, means we can anticipate change. We manage multiple stakeholders across projects that we bring into a cohesive whole.

Creating the future of infrastructure

To support the future, infrastructure must meet evolving needs through its lifecycle, including sustainability. 

Unexpected global events like a pandemic can turn assumptions upside-down about how transport and services should support our homes, hospitals, schools, offices, and recreation centres. Many governments, cities, and companies are already phasing out gas and diesel vehicles in favour of electric or hydrogen-powered alternatives. 

If your objective is net-zero, sustainable technologies will likely factor into your solution. We can harness the power of digital technologies and help you answer difficult questions on achieving sustainability in infrastructure, construction, transport, energy, and utilities. 

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Paul Knighting
UK Head of Infrastructure

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Dean Purvis
Global Head of Infrastructure

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Andy Ellis
Energy Regional Director

Our clients have time and time again commended Gleeds on the high standard of consultancy services we provide. They see us as problem solvers with integrity – a broker of capabilities who can react promptly to their very complex needs through expert advice at each phase of development. Dean Purvis, Global Head of Infrastructure, Gleeds