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Our experience in the UK

Our clients in the justice sector have requirements that go beyond conventional construction consultancy advice. We are acutely aware that court and police facilities are often particularly sensitive to public and political issues, and may be subject to exceptionally close scrutiny in any decision making processes.

Efficient and effective

We understand the priorities and needs of our clients: to ensure that developments are operationally effective and more often than not, present a strong civic presence and profile within the communities they serve.

We understand your asset requirements, and the support they must provide to your organisational imperatives.  Security is paramount, but this must be allied with practical environments that can be flexed to meet evolving needs and technologies.

Our work helps you generate best value – whether you are looking to maximise the benefit of capital investment, or drive efficiencies to reduce revenue or reduce investment costs. We are conscious of the importance of whole life value, and the need to avoid any perception of waste.

In safe hands

We know that courtroom time is constrained and highly valuable. We know that continuity of operations is essential for the police. Our security cleared staff can manage construction and maintenance works in live buildings without compromising operations, security or delivery.

Specialist expertise

Our extensive experience means we are aware of the requirements of the various stakeholders within each element of the justice sector. Whether it is developing an estates strategy, assessing the viability of investment proposals, delivering projects, or helping you manage property and facilities, we provide a wide range of advisory services to meet your immediate needs and deliver long term best value. 

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Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan Stewart
Senior Director, Public Sector Lead