Environmental, Social, And Governance

Our corporate responsibilities at Gleeds go much further than a box-checking exercise. We aim to positively impact the world in everything we do, both inside and outside the workplace. Alongside our core corporate responsibilities, our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices also incorporate our ‘People Project Planet’ strategy to define our principles of working together for a sustainable future.

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Gleeds corporate responsibilities

We know that for many people, ESG principles are an important factor in their decision to join us at Gleeds – and they’re important to us, too. As a leading, independent global property and construction consultancy, we’re proud of the work we’ve done, and continue to do, on our approach to corporate responsibility for our people across four core elements:


Our workplace and our people make up a vibrant community. We recognise the well-being of all our employees and foster a culture that values a healthy work-life balance. With comprehensive training, mentorship programmes, and transparent communication, we empower our people to grow professionally and personally. 


We know all construction activities can impact the environment and understand the need for responsible action and sustainable ways of working to minimise this impact. We continuously work to improve our performance while ensuring all our people have the knowledge, skills, and awareness needed in this area.


Reaching out to the communities we work in and engaging in meaningful partnerships with the people in them positively contributes to the growth and development of the places we all call home. This outreach allows us to share our skills and talents, learn from others, and support everyone to reach their full potential.


Collaboration is at the heart of our commitment to responsibility, sustainability, and integrity in the global marketplace. From building sustainable supply chains to offering pro bono services or helping clients achieve their charitable goals, our enduring relationships and mutual respect help drive innovative solutions and bring change to the industry.

You can learn more about our corporate responsibilities by visiting our Corporate Responsibility page.

Our ‘People Project Planet’ strategy

Under the ‘Together For A Sustainable Future’ banner, our ‘People Project Planet’ strategy is at the core of our ESG commitments and emphasises collaboration with global partners to drive positive change. It’s supported by a commitment to our people, communities, and clients’ sustainability goals to protect the planet. Here’s how:


Our people are at the heart of everything we do and our greatest asset. As Investors in People award winners, we do all we can to ensure good mental health and well-being for everyone while prioritising equal opportunities and fairness, inclusion, and respect for all.


As a company with solid business ethics, we focus on industry, innovation, and climate-resilient infrastructure. Often working alongside global partners, we support clients in projects that create healthier cities and communities with the aspirations of delivering a sustainable future.


Responsible and sustainable practices are crucial to minimising environmental impact and protecting our planet for future generations. Our three focus areas are reducing emissions, renewable energy, and environmental compliance on every project. 

You can learn more about our commitment to a sustainable future by reading our ESG report.

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Together for a sustainable future

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