Fairness, Inclusion, And Respect Report

When you join Gleeds, you become part of a global company that values you for who you are. Our commitment to fairness, inclusion, and respect isn’t just a statement – it's our vision and promises to help and support everyone reach their full potential and ensure every voice is heard and valued. Your background, experiences, and ideas are welcomed and celebrated as we collectively shape the future of Gleeds and the construction industry for the next generation.

Equal opportunities, endless possibilities

As a global employer and industry leader, through our fairness, inclusion, and respect strategy, we’re committed to creating a working environment that allows us to retain, develop and attract a skilled, talented, and diverse range of people to build a workforce that stands together as ‘One Gleeds’.

Together with our values and behaviours, the fairness, inclusion, and respect principles we have in place are there to embrace your qualities, background, and potential – and support you while strengthening our collective identity, driving our shared success. Here’s how:


Fairness is how you view the workplace. While having a level playing field where everyone has equal opportunities and is treated without prejudice, fairness is reflected in the justice of rules being followed and the impartiality of those rules.


Inclusion is how you feel in the workplace. We offer an inclusive environment where we embrace diversity so everyone can feel welcomed, valued, and empowered. This inclusion ensures every team member can thrive in all aspects of the workplace.


Respect is how you treat others in the workplace. Everyone deserves to be treated with courtesy, consideration, and respect, irrespective of differences. Having respect for all contributes to a positive and productive working environment.

Based on these principles, Gleeds is a certified ‘Great Place To Work’ in the UK. Our obligations to fairness, inclusion, and respect ensure that we’re committed to diversity and that everyone is treated fairly regardless of race, sex, gender, or age. You can find out more in our Fairness, Inclusion, And Respect report.

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