Summer is here and we are getting ready for our next webinar. The longer days have arrived, lockdown is lifting (perhaps not a quickly as we had all hoped) and we've had a few heatwaves here and there, but what's the latest for the construction industry?

This time, we will be taking a deeper dive into challenges the industry is currently facing, such as materials issues, labour and recruitment challenges, diversity & inclusion. We have a great lineup and would be delighted if you can join us.

Speakers and panellists

James Garner
Senior Director, Head of Insights & Analytics, Gleeds

Nicola Herring
Associate Director, Insights & Analytics, Gleeds

Louise Ellis
Chief People Officer, Gleeds

Ben Huskisson
Chief Digital Officer, Gleeds

Julian Barlow
External Moderator, BFC Marcomms Ltd (chair)


Check out our last webinar recording from April 2021.



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