We are delighted to announce the launch of our Fairness, Inclusion, and Respect Strategy. 

Our vision at Gleeds is to build a fair, inclusive, and respectful workplace that supports everyone to achieve their potential. To realise this vision, we’re kicking off our Fairness, Inclusion, and Respect Strategy, starting with the UK, putting in place initiatives that will let all employees feel they can be heard and succeed. This strategy will later gradually be rolled out to our teams globally. 

The construction sector has for too long been set in its ways, often failing to understand the commercial advantages of embracing FIR. We're prepared to face the challenges of rectifying that. Part of our launch has seen the creation of new ally groups for race, gender, carers, and LGBTQ+ who will work closely with the business to embed the new principles within wider culture of Gleeds.

Our three core principles of the strategy are:

  • Fairness: How we perceive the workplace. The principle of fairness incorporates both employee perceptions of fairness and justice, where justice refers to following the rules and fairness is about the impartiality of those rules.
  • Inclusion: How we feel in the workplace and respond to being included in an environment that’s for everyone.
  • Respect: How we treat each other in the workplace. Generally, we are most productive at work when we are shown due regard to our feelings, wishes, and rights.

We will introduce a FIR Global Council to report into our Environmental, Social, and Governance Steering Group. This group will meet quarterly to track global progress, share best practice, and support regional action plans. Each regional action plan will be shared with the FIR Global Council to demonstrate the local activity plans to achieve the FIR strategy goals.

We are committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels respected and valued. We want our organisation to achieve great things, and the best way to do that is to attract and retain diversity within our workforce. Graham Harle, Chief Executive Officer at Gleeds
This strategy is about futureproofing Gleeds for new generations to come. Enhancing diversity within our workforce is how we reflect the communities in which we operate. As a client-focussed organisation, Gleeds recognises that the advice we provide and the projects we support are key to the impacts and outcomes we create. Our FIR strategy underpins our culture, and through working with clients in a way that is fair, inclusive and respectful, we know that we are role modelling positive ways of working. Louise Ellis, Chief People Officer

Our FIR-related policies, targets and progress will be reported on publicly through the Global Reporting Initiative framework. We use an external company to assist us on our FIR journey, and we will assess progress against a global inclusion standard using the framework provided by The Clear Company, which embodies 18 years of diversity and inclusion leadership and best practice.

We're proud to have such an incredible and passionate team embracing this change with us. We look forward to sharing our progress in the months ahead.

Come be part of the change. Visit our career page for all our available opportunities.  

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Graham Harle Chief Executive Officer

Graham Harle
Chief Executive Officer

Louise Ellis Chief People Officer

Louise Ellis
Chief People Officer