In witnessing the remarkable strength of the Egyptian construction industry in 1Q 2023, the region has continued to demonstrate steadiness throughout this quarter. However, as we transition into the second half of the year, the outlook is set to transform with an anticipated surge of activity in the region. 

Understand the state of the industry through our Egyptian Construction Market Report as we deliver rich visuals and in-depth analyses on:


Inflation rates

The high inflation trends of 2008, 2013 and 2016 suggest that 2023 is expected to have a higher-than-normal construction inflation rate. Read which factors are driving this.


Materials prices fluctuations

Construction materials prices are seeing changes underpinned by historic and seasonal norms. Understand the nature of these trends and see which materials are most impacted.


Foreign investment

As the Egyptian pound continues to devalue, opportunities are arising for foreign investors. Learn which sectors this investment will be most likely in, as well as what this means for the industry.


Market perception from experts

Despite steady progress in the industry, performance is weaker than recent previous years. Grasp how is this being reflected in attitudes around the region.


Stay ahead of the curve and delve into the latest findings presented in our Egypt Construction Market Report 2Q 2023. Understand the impact of imported materials and products on tendering and project delivery as suppliers increasingly turn to local manufacturers. Get to grips with the future of construction in Egypt as the industry moves towards greater self-sufficiency in producing primary construction materials.


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