ELI Beamlines

A spotlight on costs, quality and planning helps build a sophisticated laser centre.

Gleeds’ expertise is playing a key role delivering the world’s most important laser research facility in the Czech Republic.  

We’re providing a range of services to ensure that the construction of ELI Beamlines completes on time, to a high quality standard, and makes best use of its EU funding.

ELI’s intense, high-powered focus

ELI stands for Extreme Light Infrastructure. ELI Beamlines is the first of three such centres being built and will focus on new techniques for experiments in the fields of laboratory astrophysics, high-field physics, quantum electrodynamics to start measuring the texture of vacuum, particle acceleration, and nonlinear plasma physics.

A place where the brightest minds shine

To create a centre capable of helping the best laser scientists in the world achieve these aims, we’re delivering construction of:

  • A 32,000m2, 3-storey building with laser, optical, vacuum & electronic sub systems 
  • A network of laboratories, offices, conference hall
  • Clean room environments
  • Mechanical and temperature stability



will be a unique platform for educating a new generation of PhD. students, scientists and engineers.

Shedding light with Gleeds insight

We’re using our knowledge of this niche area and our understanding of European Regional Development funding to:

  • Secure investment
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs without compromising quality 
  • Plan and schedule to end date to avoid delays, expenses, fines and lost funding
  • Develop close working relationships with our client and the design team

ELI Beamlines won the MIPIM Award for the "Best Industrial and Logistics Development" in 2016 and won “Architectural Project of the Year” in 2014.

The international laser centre ELI Beamlines is the largest research project in the history of the Czech Republic and will significantly move the frontiers of knowledge in several disciplines Prof. Jan Řídký, director of the Institute of Physics AS CR.
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