New Built Hotel in Dusseldorf, Germany

Beaten only by Cologne, Dusseldorf welcomes the second highest number of overnight visitors in North Rhine Westphalia. In 2016 4.5million guests, 42% of whom were from abroad, stayed in Dusseldorf, and this trend is on the rise. Our client, Citygrove European Developments Ltd., spotted this positive opportunity and purchased a property from the city of Dusseldorf in 2016 to develop a new build 13 storey hotel in cooperation with the architecture firm SKAI.

The tenant and operator, the Novum Hotel Group, set out their desires for modern architecture, high quality interiors and a local, fast connection to the city.

Following an intensive planning phase, the construction phase got underway in Q2 2018 and the hotel is set to be complete after a prompt 30-month construction period. It is expected to be open for guests by the mid to end of 2020. The 16,000m² hotel will house 438 rooms and an underground garage with 110 parking spaces for convenient parking.

In order to ensure that the project is delivered smoothly and in compliance with deadlines, costs and standards, Gleeds was commissioned as the project and cost managers for the development.

Part of our cost management service is providing our client with reliable, transparent figures that are regularly updated, to allow them to make the right financial decisions. In order to secure the foundations for smooth cost management, Gleeds provided support during the awarding and the contract management stages as well as risk management and the overarching organisation, reporting and quality management. Gleeds is helping our highly valued client Citygrove to make their mark in the German market.

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Felix Behrndt

Felix Behrndt
Managing Director, Germany