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We created a head office with a better environment for everyone.

Not only does Malakoff Médéric’s new office space create a more pleasant, effective and modern working environment for its people. It also uses 30% less energy. 

These energy-efficient buildings help the French insurance company and its employees ‘do their bit’ for the environment. 

Our services helped the project pick up France’s highest environmental performance ratings. 

Working with the experts

Work was needed at the very start of the project to clean up the location, the site of a former factory. 

We ensured that all pollution was removed according to French regulations. 

We also helped our client find companies specialising in:

  • underground pipe audits
  • water leaks which had led to cracking

Our knowledge of legislation ensured that current regulation was in place for the protection and safety of workers on site. 

We also made sure the building complied with thermal regulation and became France’s 1st building to be awarded with the “High Quality Environmental” and “Very high energy performance” standards.

A better place to work 

The two office buildings of 22,000 m2 are now home to 1,400 Malakoff Médéric employees. 

In addition to a sunny, open and quiet location, they also enjoy:

  • Special ovens in the kitchen for pizzas and pastries 
  • A 500-seat restaurant, complete with VIP space 
  • A sports room and 36 meeting rooms 
  • Plugs for charging six electric cars and 832 parking spaces

Strong working relationship 

Here at Gleeds, we pride ourselves on forming strong working relationships. In this case, the project’s investor has become one of our long-term clients. 

We have acted as monitor on several further projects, including Marengo, Airbus, and Le Jupiter in Paris.


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