Biotechnical and Agricultural Research Centre, Haná

We helped to grow a state-of-the-art crop research centre.

Gleeds provided contract advice to 3 different academic investors during the construction of 4 new buildings for individual research programmes and the remodelling of a greenhouse. The buildings, covering an area of over 7,000m², are all complete with state-of-the-art equipment.

In doing so, we helped create a new facility to expand a university’s research capabilities – and share biotech knowledge that benefits the region’s agricultural and breeding industries. 

Seed money

It was essential that Palacký University, the Institute of Experimental Botany and the Crop Research Institute achieved maximum value from their funding. Our team ensured they did so by:

  • Coordinating the related investment and allocation of costs
  • Value engineering, to save costs without increasing future spending
  • Managing suppliers providing equipment, technology, furniture and interiors

Hotbed of plant biotech

We helped create a centre focusing on research that includes the following programmes:

  • Protein biochemistry and proteomics
  • Plant Bioenergetics
  • Chemical biology
  • Plant biotechnology
  • Plant genetics and genomics
  • Cell and developmental plant biotechnology
  • Genetic resources of vegetables and special crops
  • Metabolomics
The two-storey buildings are highly functional and fully devoted to the scientific research and the demands of the modern equipment, such as a sophisticated air conditioning system, an electro installation and an intelligent operating system. Jana Zimová, Main Project Manager, Centre of the Haná Region for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research
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Tomas Homola

Tomáš Homola
Director, Czech Republic