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Utilities consultancy

A well-planned scheme offers potential income to investors and a return on investment to funders. These schemes come with risks throughout funding, design, procurement, and delivery. Driving costs down, managing risk, and meeting efficiency targets and deadlines can be the constant worry keeping you awake at night. But we understand where the risks lie and how to manage them.

As one of the few boutique utilities sector service consultancies, we provide independent advice and bespoke service that can scale up to meet your project needs. 

We operate globally on utilities projects. If you need guidance on a project, please contact us.

Utility construction: how we provide value 

Commercial developers and network operators must wrestle with identifying, funding, and managing costs. 

One plot of land may seem a wise investment until you factor in the price of rerouting services; the cost of reinforcing a new project can make or break a business case. Even with the right suppliers, you need to stay atop spend to finish on budget. 

If you’re building a utility project, we can help value it and calculate its duration, provide projects controls, plus manage and plan scheduling. We will support you through the lifecycle to deliver on time and within budget. 

Utilities sector services: specialist market knowledge

Developers building utility assets should seek advice from people who understand the market. You want to know how long a project will take and how much it will cost. 

Our team boasts consultants and engineers with commercial insight and an understanding of how utilities, procurement, and contract management work. We listen and tailor our cost and project management to your needs. 

Utilities consultancy for now and for the future

You need a consultancy with commercial experience, but you also need to know where the market is headed. We inform clients on how the energy and utilities sector is evolving.

For example, distribution network operators are increasingly moving towards self-generation and becoming distribution supply operators with the aid of storage systems. Our developer clients are moving away from traditional CHP scheme generation to heat pumps. We can help calculate viability and advise on liaising with planners. 

For sustainable low-carbon solutions, we advise on-grid connections and reaching power purchase agreements. We can direct best-fit solutions for developments with electrical vehicle charging network operators and build out smart grids, which may include behind the meter networks. 

We keep one eye on today’s risks, and the other on the horizon so you know what to expect. 

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